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Hotlist of Links to the Geography of Rome

Visit these sites to learn more about the geography of Rome and the Italian Peninsula:

What is a Peninsula? This site is about Mount Vesuvius, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.
The Italian Peninsula This site contains a political map showing modern cities and topography of the Italian peninsula-
Mount Vesuvius An historic perspective of the famous volcano in words and pictures.
The geography of the Italian Peninsula This article on early Roman geography will provide you with important details on landforms and waterways of the Land of the Romans
An ancient map of the Italian peninsula This is a reconstruction of the World map as realized in 18 A.D.
Geographic Landmarks of Rome Look at and read about some important and beautiful features of Italy
Growth of the Roman Empire Check this site to examine whether the geography of The Roman Empire influenced its growth
Outside your Window Find out "Where on Earth is Rome?"   What would you see outside your window if you live in Ancient Rome?




Michael Tony

Last updated October 18, 2001