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Geography Web Lesson

How Rome's Location on the Italian Peninsula Influenced its Success as a Civilization


In this lesson you will begin to understand how the physical characteristics of the Italian Peninsula influenced the success of the Roman Empire. Your job is to select and answer, in essay form, one of the three choices below . Your essay should be at least 150 words in length. You may create your composition using pencil and paper or a word processor. When you have completed your essay, turn it in to your teacher.


Your written work will be graded using a scoring rubric.  Please study the rubric before you begin to write.


Choice 1: Read about the geography of the Roman Peninsula. Pay careful attention to the geographic attributes of Italy. In your essay, cite at least three geographic attributes that made this area a good place to start a new civilization. Be sure to include information about access to water, farmland, and how difficult it may have been to defend from invasion. Be sure to support your answers with information from the websites you visit.

Choice 2: Describe the location of the city of Rome. Use ancient maps for perspective, as well as modern topographic and political maps to gather information about significant landforms and waterways. Where are these features? Why are they significant? Read articles that describe the physical features of the land surrounding Rome. As you gather it, keep track of your information by taking notes. Be sure to support your points with information from the text you read.

What would it be like to live on the Italian peninsula today?  How would you judge that? Would the opinions of people who have been there be helpful?  What are some of the cultural features of this area that make it a good or not-so-good place to live and work today? Use information from the text to support your ideas.


Michael Tony, Division of Technology Training

Last Updated:  12/3/01