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A New School for "Small Town"

A Web-based Research Adventure - Naming an Elementary School

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It is the year 2030, and you and your teammates are members of the Small Town, USA School Board. Because of a recent population increase, Small Town's schools are overcrowded.  In order to alleviate the overcrowding, the Town Council has given the School Board money to build a new elementary school.  But there is a condition. The new school must be named after an African American - This is a "first"  in Small Town.  No other school in the town is named after an African-American.   After much discussion, research, and squabbling, the School Board agrees that the school should be named after one of the five candidates pictured above.  Additionally, the School Board decides that the candidate selected must possess certain personal qualities.  More about that in "Step 3" below.

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You may not recognize the five Americans pictured above, but in their time they were quite important, each in a unique way.  In this Web Quest it will be your job to name a new elementary school after one of them .  This sounds simple, but as you will see, it may not be.   You will have to come up with a fair way to compare the five candidates.  What things about them do you need to know?  What qualities to do want to see in the person selected? In this assignment you will be investigating the lives of the five candidates and determining which of them most deserves to have a school named in his/her honor.  After which candidate will you name the new school ?

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African American History This site will give you an in-depth look at the history of African Americans. Good background information for you.
Newspaper Article This site shows  a newspaper article about people who don't want their school named after a famous African American-Martin Luther King, Jr.
MCPS School Naming Policy This is a link to MCPS's school naming  policy. 
Wilma Rudolph Biography of Wilma Rudolph-Includes awards and links to other W.  Rudolph sites

A middle school student's web-based bio of Wilma

ESPN's look at Wilma Rudolph

Clarence Thomas Electric Library's look at Clarence Thomas
Satchel Paige's look at Satchel Paige

American National Biography

A very brief look at Satchel's life

Marian Anderson A VERY complete look at the life of Marian Anderson

Afrocentric Voices looks at Marian's life

Malcolm X Malcoln X's official website

An Islamic perspective on the life of Malcolm X

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After which candidate did you name Small Town's new school ?

Michael Tony, Division of Technology Training - Montgomery County Public Schools
Last updated January, 2002